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Zaful Thanksgiving Shopping Tips!

Zaful Thanksgiving Shopping Tips, promotion, promoção, fashion, moda

In case you haven’t noticed, Zaful Thanksgiving sale has begun! $10 off over $60 discounts and free orders with free shipping.! Great deals on trendiest fall fashion and winter clothes. Zaful Thanksgiving day sale is waiting for your visit!

Let’s see how to get free orders and bonus during the big sale! 


Zaful Thanksgiving Shopping Tips, promotion, promoção, zaful. clothes, fashion, moda

A free order chance will be offered during 2017 Zaful Thanksgiving Sale! Each Zaful account has a chance to spin our Wheel of Thanksgiving per day. Which you may gain access to FREE ORDER / 10 Z POINTS /30 Z POINTS / $3 CASH COUPON / $7 CASH COUPON / 15% OFF COUPON / 8% OFF COUPON. 

Attention! Coupon is Only Valid for 72 hours after you receive it. And each can be used Only Once. You can check your remaining Z-points and coupons in your profile. Good luck!


Zaful Thanksgiving Shopping Tips, join us, new user, fashion, moda, clothes, register

It’s Thanksgiving day and Zaful wants to say “thank you” to everyone who supports us until today. As return, A mega gift is ready for everyone!

In this special day, every new Zaful register will get $300 and exclusive Deals from $0.01! For all our old friends, simply win $45 by inviting!


Zaful Thanksgiving Shopping Tips, new arrivals, fashion,moda, promotion, promoção, roupas, feriado

Explore and find your fave. Huge discount and free shipping only on Zaful Thanksgiving sale. If you miss it, you’ll have to wait for another year. 365 days is long enough. How many 365 days in our lifetime? Have a look right now!

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Dresslily Black Friday & Cyber Monday Sale

Dresslily Black Friday & Cyber Monday Sale, promotion, clothes, moda, fashion, roupas, promoção

Black Friday & Cyber Monday are the best sales day of the year, that's for sure. In order to celebrate the special day, Dresslily Black Friday & Cyber Monday Sale will provide some really awesome deals to all customers. To help you plan your Dresslily itinerary, we've made this early peek guidelines to help you!

Up to 85% OFF Sale (Nov.24~Nov26)

Dresslily Black Friday & Cyber Monday Sale, vendas, promoção, promotion, fashion, moda, clothes

That's right, up to 85% Off discount is what we're about to hand over. Early deals have already started, with the Countdown to Black Friday sale. Dresslily offers flash deals on various items, no matter you're a dress/men'swear lover, we got you covered! From November 24th ~ November 26th. credit card at the ready!

Cyber Monday 90% Sale (Nov.27~Nov.29)

You think 85% Off is our limit? Well, we could push it even harder. From November 27th ~ 29th, up to 90% Off discount awaits. Be prepared!

Flexible Cancellation Policy

During Dresslily Black Friday Sale, if your order hasn’t shipped in over 14 days.You can always cancel them. There's nothing to worry about.

More New Arrivals

Dresslily Black Friday & Cyber Monday Sale, new arrivals, novidades, roupas, fashion, promoção, promotion

Over 2000 new arrivals which will be upload daily! Various choices for fashion lovers and best prices for the year. We are here to present you the best of the best. Best opportunity to explore your faves and collect them with the huge discount!

Coupons For The Win

Buy more & save more, Be smart by using Dresslily coupon before ordering any item in your cart! Up to $24 Off? No problem!

Gift For All Members (Nov.24~ Nov.29)

Dresslily made it this far because of your great support. From November 24th ~ 29th, all VIP customers will receive a surprise gift. And all new sign-ups get a 15% Off coupon. Don't forget to check your mailbox!

If you miss these huge discounts, you'll miss it for a year. Are you ready?

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Rosegal Black Friday Sale 2017

Rosegal Black Friday Sale 2017, promotion, compras, sales, off, black friday, clothes, moda, fashion

Jump-start your 2017 Christmas shopping with the best Black Friday deals at Rosegal. This year Rosegal is using multiple new discount tactics to get them ahead before the Black Friday 2017. Let's see how it works!

 A series of mystery discount codes will be active soon. If you are reading my article, you're the first knowing this. Collecting them is easy. Verify your E-mail now and wait for various kinds of coupon codes hop into your mailbox, these coupons could be used during Rosegal Black Friday Sale (Nov.24~Nov.29), twice for each! 

Rosegal Black Friday Sale 2017, sales, cupon, fashion, black friday, promotion

Who doesn't like discounts? Rosegal Coupon Zone is about to get out of control. From (Nov.24~ Nov.29), over 100000 valuable coupons will be giving out daily! Including coupons for category / hot sale products and more.Be smart and collect them to your advantage. Also, the lucky draw in Rosegal Coupon Zone has been updated. Spin to win free Rosegal gifts!

Cupon zone, rosegal, black friday sales, sales, promotion

Every online fashion retailer has its own special gift for their new members. Join Rosegal now and get theirs. Take a note, new sign-ups during (Nov.24~Nov.29) can get 20% off coupon. (It should be 15% Off before) Only in this period, join Rosegal now!

Rosegal Black Friday Sale 2017, join-us, rosegal, promotion

Use site-wide Code: RGVIPEnjoy another extra 12% Off is amazing. At the same time, Rosegal prepared a BUY 1 GET 2 FREE zone, this is interesting and definitely worth to have a peek. 

There's one last thing you should know, during (Nov.24~Nov.29), Shop in Rosegal and screen-shot the order details might make you become the winner. Share the screen-shot on Instagram or Facebook contest post with #RGBLACKFRIDAY. Rosegal will choose 3 random winners every day. Each winner will receive a $100 Gift Card. Besides, order over $30 (It's too easy to reach in Black Friday Sale) with flat shipping method will be free tracking from now. Keep them in mind!

Rosegal Black Friday Sale 2017, free tracking, black friday, sales, rosegal, promotin

Focus on Rosegal's main page, since it looks like they're going to give out more specific benefits any minute. Meanwhile, we'll be here with our wallets open.

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How to Buy Two Carat Moissanite Ring

How to Buy Two Carat Moissanite Ring

Olá Pessoal! Como estão? Hoje eu trago um post feito em Colaboração com a loja Myraygem, que tem lindas jóias para você. O post está em inglês, mas nada tão difícil de entender! Nele falamos um pouco sobre como comprar um lindo anel de compromisso, noivado e casamento! Cliquem nos links e confiram os lindos modelos de anéis que a loja têm!

2 carat moissanite ring may be the envy associated with a bride-to-be around celebrities and Instagrammers everywhere revealing their 2 carat rocks. Two carat rings are generally popular and delightful...however with which comes in a cost.

To an average joe, most would think that there's not huge cost web site 1 carat and a pair of carat moissanite however the cost difference can really be very significant. Two carat moissanite are often referred to as "statement moissanite." The outstanding size will make heads turn, and also the lady putting on it'll love showing them back to any or all her family and buddies.

Just how much exactly is that this likely to set you back? Two carat moissanite may cost between $8,000- $50,000. We all know, it is a huge cost range all for the similar carat stone! Prior to going into sticker shock, keep studying to discover how that range is decided and how you may still get her a diamond ring that's still beautiful at a small fraction of the cost.

First, let us begin by explaining what adopts a moissanite's cost

Before jumping right to the price of a 2 carat stone, we have to clarify a couple of things first. To start, among the largest factors that includes towards the cost of the moissanite is one thing many of us have heard about, the 4 C's. The moissanite's clearness, cut, color and carat have the ability to a sizable affect on the ultimate cost from the stone.

How to Buy Two Carat Moissanite Ring, anel, anel de compromisso

If you want to a trustworthy jewelry expert, all of their oval moissanite engagement ring is going to be graded and assessed by independent grading labs such as the GIA or AGS. Additional factors will also be checked out, just like a stone's overall beauty, symmetry, fluorescence, etc. However the Four C's will invariably take part in the largest role within the final cost. They are also exactly why we can not give you one answer about how exactly much a 2 carat ring will definitely cost, since it varies a great deal with respect to the quality of this stone.

Now, so how exactly does this assist you to understand a 2 carat ring's cost?

Now you know a bit more concerning the Four C's and just what adopts a moissanite, you most likely possess a better understanding on why prices can differ. But let us take particular notice just a 2 carat ring's cost. No one is able for all of us to provide you with a precise quantity of just how much a 2 carat stone can cost you, without any two moissanite to be the same.

A 2 carat moissanite ranges between $1,500-$5,000 based largely around the quality and rarity of this particular stone. When you purchase a 2 carat moissanite which has perfect cut, is really as near to without color and perfect as possible, then you will probably pay a premium price for your stone. If you opt for a moissanite which has a couple of apparent flaws along with a slight yellow-ant tint, then your cost will drop lower towards the lower 1 / 2 of that range.

If she's expressed for you on multiple occasions that they uses a two carat moissanite in her own ring, also it suits your financial allowance, great. However if you simply are realizing it's excess of than you you had been thinking about spending, never fear. There are more options. There are many ways to offer the 2 carat ring look without getting to invest all of your savings. So we promise she'll still like it!

The foremost and most widely used option we always suggest to the clients is really a moissanite halo style ring. A moissanite halo may always provide the illusion a large moissanite look. This is done by utilizing smaller sized moissanite round the center stone so the mixture of moissanite gives the look of a significantly bigger moissanite. This look isn't just trendy, but it is very popular because of this.

You may also choose a 3 stone halo engagement ring. Three stone rings have a bigger center moissanite and 2 smaller sized moissanite on each side. This row of moissanite around the ring creates that very same "big moissanite" look without getting to spend lots of cash on the singular two carat stone. If she's her heart focused on getting two carats of moissanite, it is simple to choose three gemstones that equal to that total carat.

--- Este post foi feito em colaboração com a loja Myraygem

Beijos e até a próxima.

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Buy High Quality Hair Weave On Budget

Buy High Quality Hair Weave On Budget

Olá Pessoal! Como estão? Hoje eu trago um post feito em Colaboração com a loja de extensões de cabelo Sheinhair, ele está em inglês, mas nada tão difícil de entender! Nele falamos um pouco sobre como comprar sua extensão sem pesar no bolso! Cliquem nos links e confiram as lindas extensões de cabelos que eles têm!

Top quality hair weaves on a tight budget? No, we've not lost the brain. While it is true that you will get that which you purchase, and you'll waste your money on luxury hair than some human hair weave in the dollar store, it's not necessary to break your budget.

The secret's understanding. By understanding beauty stores, online vendors, and various kinds of hair weaves, you know things to look for. More to the point, you can place a killer deal on great hair if you notice one. Here are a few things you should know to purchasing top quality hair weaves on a tight budget.

The key to locating any deals would be to always look around. However, you won't ever wish to purchase hair closures exclusively in line with the savings you'll get either. By look around, we mean uncover what sort of choices are available, evaluate different companies' prices, Hair weaves, hair closures, buy hair weaves on the budgetand discover the cost range that appears cost effective for hair weaves.

Buy High Quality Hair Weave On Budget, extension hair, extensão de cabelos, produtos para cabelos, cabelos ondulados

Finding quality hair weaves on a tight budget is much like math class take all of the prices into factor and discover the averages. Then, when quality hair weaves and closures do continue purchase, you can place those that count it.

Searching for hair weaves on the internet is a terrific way to buying on a tight budget. The bottom line is to understand the shop you're purchasing from. Do your homework to uncover what they're about. Browse the about pages, take a look at their social networking profiles, and find out when they provide customer support whether by telephone or email. Observe how lengthy they have been around and check out their testimonials.

Locate a robust refund policy. Getting an adaptable refund policy shows the store is positive about their goods. For instance, our refund policy at Perfect Locks enables you to definitely wash and condition your hair whilst in the zip ties. You may also hair straightener or curl it. If for whatever reason you are unsatisfied, we permit you to return your hair for 100 % refund (minus shipping) as lengthy because the hair has not been altered or tampered with. Now this is a solid refund policy!

The easiest method to buy virgin hair weave on a tight budget would be to be aware of different choices and add-ons open to you. Should you expect exactly the same cost for closure pieces while you do weaves, you're set for an uncomfortable surprise. Different hair closures have different benefits silk base closures are crafted more meticulously with greater quality materials, which will create a greater cost. Swiss lace closures tend to be more popular simply because they hit the sweet place of quality and comfort.

So, comprehending the aspects of various kinds of hair closures can help you get the best deals so that you can purchase quality hair weaves on a tight budget.

Using the prior pointed out, it's also wise to check out various kinds of hair weaves. Who knows - you might adore an inexpensive option to what you're accustomed to. So, widen your horizon when sticking affordable.

The worst factor that you can do when purchasing quality hair weaves on a tight budget is buying something strictly due to the cost. Whether it appears to get affordable to be real, it most likely is. If you would like quality, you'll have to pay more however that doesn't mean you need to fork over your latest paychecks either. You just need to be smart regarding your shopping.

--- Este post foi feito em colaboração com a loja SheiInHair

Beijos e até a próxima.

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Meus Recebidos da Loja ToSave

Meus Recebidos da Loja ToSave

Olá, como estão? O dia está movimentado hoje aqui pelo blog, muitas novidades acontecendo, e para minha felicidade trago um post de recebidos da loja ToSave.

Há alguns meses atrás a loja ToSave entrou em contato comigo para eu escolher alguns produtos e depois fazer uma resenha sobre eles aqui no blog. Eu aceitei e venho trazer as minhas primeiras impressões para vocês.

Primeiramente, para quem não conhece a loja ToSave é uma loja online internacional que vende os mais variados itens, dos quais, maquiagens, roupas, sapatos e todos com um preço acessível.

Para este meu recebidos, eu escolhi cinco itens, que irei mostrar agora:

Paleta de 6 cores de lipstick: Para minha surpresa a paleta é bem grande, eu achei pelas fotos do site que ela seria daquelas pequenas, mas não!! Coisa que gostei bastante! Veja aqui 
paleta de gloss

paleta de gloss

Batom Líquido Matte: A pessoa aqui é um pouco "lesa" pois quando comprei achei que era batom em bala, mas é um lindo batom líquido nude! O meu é a cor 02, porém estão sem estoque. Para mais cores confira aqui

batom mate

Kit de Pincéis: Achei linda as cores! Eles são compactos, ideais para levar na bolsa, as cerdas são bem macias. Veja aqui 

Kit de pincéis

Kit de pincéis

Gloss em forma de gatinho: Achei super fofa a embalagem dele! Veja aqui 

Gloss gatinho

E por último uma blusa preta, ela tem um modelo lindo, com detalhes na manga e na frente e atrás, coisa que me chamou a atenção. Ela é bem costurada, sem nenhum fio soltando, porém, achei ela muito fina, um tecido um pouco frágil, o que faz ter um cuidado com os detalhes pois podem rasgar. Pela foto não dá para ter noção do tecido, então fica dica! Você pode conferir aqui . Meu tamanho foi o XL.

blusa preta

blusa preta

Todos os itens chegaram embalados naquela saquinho preto, mas bem embalados, sem nenhuma avaria! Ao todo a encomenda demorou 85 dias/ 60 dias úteis. Ela foi postada em 11/06/17 e recebi em 04/09/17.Demorou mas chegou - correios do Brasil, demora mais do que qualquer outra coisa! 

Em breve teremos resenhas separadas de cada item que recebi, então minhas amigas, aguardem!!!

E, antes de ir embora a loja ToSave tem parceria com a loja SheInHair, que vende produtos para cabelo, vale a penas conferir, então é só acessar o link

Bom, esses foram meus recebidos da loja ToSave, indico a loja, pois a mesma tem vários itens, onde o custo X beneficio valem a penas. 

E vocês gostaram de algum item? O que acharam?

Me Acompanhem também pelo 

Beijos e até a próxima!!!